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i'm bigendered - both female and male - which, in a sense, i regard as being a gender in itself. Since i feel there are more than two genders, i identify as polysexual. But how does being bigendered affect the sexual orientation of people attracted to me, if at all? To give an example: if a woman who identifies as a dyke entered into a sexual and emotional relationship with me, do you feel it still makes sense for her to identify as a dyke?

What do people think?

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So I'm thinking of hosting a pansexual trans* and genderqueer sex party.

Before I even start thinking about practical things like venues, how many condoms and dams we'll need, etc etc etc, I want to get some other transpeople's input on the idea as a whole.

I think as transpeople we struggle with a whole different range of problems and insecurities at sex parties. One of the reasons I want to host such a beast is because I would like to attend one - and that's usually a good start. But I'm only one person, I only know what I think and feel about sex parties and my gender, and all the issues that come up in between. I need other people's opinions.

So. What would you want taken into consideration for a trans/genderqueer sex party? Be as vague or as detailed as you like.

Some things you might like to give your opinion on:

* Should cisgendered people be allowed as long as they are the partner of a transperson who is also attending?
* Do you think a balance of mtfs, ftms and genderqueers is important?
* Should fetish and BDSM be allowed or encouraged? Perhaps in a different room?
* Would a theme help or hinder?
* Would everyone introducing themselves and explaining what pronouns they prefer etc at the beginning help build a good atmosphere or make people uncomfortable?
* Should crossdressers be allowed?

But don't stop there. What do you think needs to be taken into consideration for a trans sex party? What do you have trouble finding or accessing mentally, emotionally or physically at sex parties that are run and attended by cisgendered people? Throw it all at me, I want to pick your brains! :)
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after talking to several of my friends it became apparent to me just how little most people now about sex toys, being trans makes us less likely to ask questions and therefore at a higher risk of health risks from our toys.... or even worse, lead some of us to never buy one!!

My BF and I consider ourselves to be coinsures of fine sex products (hay, some people drink rotten grape juice), between the two of us we own nearly $2500 in toys of various types. We are blessed to have a VERY good, trans positive sex store in Ottawa, but for those who aren’t so lucky, getting your first few toys can be quite the experience.

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I'm Janet, (Duh...) and I have just recently been thrust into the dating world again after years of transitioning/face clearing/saving money/fear/isolation...

...and it's wonderful, but now I find myself in a relationship with another transwoman, and things can be a little, well, awkward... She's also relatively new to this...

I have a lot of specific questions, but I'm going to read some of the threads here and see if they've already been answered... 

It's a whole new world!

Has anyone heard anything about this?


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My name is Kris and I am MtF and I love my partner!!!!!  She is my sweetie for eternity.

I have been on HRT now for a year and even at 50 the changes are great.  The problem is I have MS and issues of this disease have made GRS rather off the table.

So my doc has recommended an Orchi but I have concerns.  I would love to be off the Spiro but I want to have sexual activity with her.  She said she loves me and just wants me to have the pleasure.

So do any of you have advice or experience with this.  

I hope the mods get to see this before it's too late... but LJ admins have gone completely off their rocker and are blanket deleting accounts with sexual content in their interests, many communities have already been suspended, even those with age limitations, disclaimers and even those for users to post their works of fiction!

Can the mods PLEASE delete all the interests untill this is settled.

for more info, click here

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i'm currently an interning at Eros, The Center For Safe Sex, in San Francisco. If you aren't familiar with Eros it is a sex club, and bathhouse, that is for men across the spectrum (aka open to transmen). they are also involved in the creation of trannywood pictures, which is porn with trans and cisgendered men (if you haven't seen CUBBYHOLES yet, you should). in just the few weeks here i have found the staff incredibly supportive of trans issues. there is an interest among staff, and myself, to create a first timer's guide, for gay/bi/queer men, on how to approach the issue of sleeping with transmen. so here i am asking for feedback from the transmasculine community.

please be mindful this a rough draft. it will change a lot before it's done. i am more than open to change and constructive criticism. if you see an issue, tell me, but don't attack me. there are a million ways to be trans and i'm trying to be mindful of that within my work. i'm looking for feedback and potential content here. i know i am just one trans person and i value my community's input 9this includes trans people and partners) but i have seen many people flamed when asking about issues like these. so i just ask that you be mindful of that.



ps. oh and for the record i am a queer trans boy. if that matters to anyone.

pps. if you want to send me comments privately email me at xxfaggybutchboixy at yahoo dot com

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I have an outie but I'm interested in topping with a strap-on. Does anyone have experience with this. Does it get in the way. Is it easier with an orchie. Also do orchies dramatically reduce "package size". The funny thing is if I had been femaile-assigned I'd probably be into packing.
Hey everyone.

Does anyone on here on female hormones use their XY genitals to penetrate partners? I just started HRT like...2 weeks ago and I can totally still get erections and I don't ever want to lose that ability, so I was hoping I could hear back from people farther down the line who do "top". Can you still get erections?

Hey yall.

I heard a while back a story about two males fucking, and the bottom's ass stubble pierced the condom. Does anyone have experience with shaved stubble cutting a condom? How about trimmed hair? I mean, trimmed armpit hair feels prickly like stubble, so would it ruin a condom? I'm not interested in shaving my pubes but a trim would be nice. I just don't want to ruin and condoms!
I've recently been having severe dysphoria (not that I have anything to judge against - seems to be for me that it's either there and severe or not there at all) and actually backed out of a potential relationship with someone because I knew they wouldn't be able to handle my potential reactions.

So my question is this: how do you handle sex and dyphoria at the same time? I mean, I don't know how I would react since I've been celibate since july and the dyphoria is more recent than that, but I can't imagine I would react well. So any tips? Thanks in advance.

Hi all

well I was sent this and thought it would be a good ice breaker.

So I love my sweetie and would never hurt her. I just wonder what it is like to be the bottom of some hung guy. I have the breasts and my body is getting there. I can look passable.

Don't know if it would be anything I would do but I have wondered.

Any thoughts

Hey everyone.

How about we use this entry and its comment to compile experiences regarding T and its effects on female/XX genitals for those who were born with them and kept them for at least a while into T, or still have them.

What has been your experiences with vaginas/XX genitals affected by T? Fluid/moisture change? Less/more hairy? Shallower? Swollen? Color change?

What about orgasm and time needed to achieve it?

One last thing; let's respect different people's use of different words for this organ. Some may call it a vulva, girl part, boyhole, dicklit, pussy, etc. Anything is ok.

Thanks! And please be as detailed as you like about yourself or partner, and the organ focused on.
Hey everyone.

How about we use this entry and its comment to compile experiences regarding HRT and its effects on XY genitals for those who were born with thgem and kept them for at least a while into HRT, or still have them.

I'm going to start HRT in the coming months and I'd like to know just as much as any other MTF would.

So, folks, what has been your experiences with XY genitals affected by HRT? Erect/flaccid size change? Less/more hairy? Less stiff when erect? Thinner? Shorter? Thicker? Darker? Veinier? Softer skin? Rougher? Condoms slipping off?

What about orgasm and time needed to achieve it?

One last thing; let's respect different people's use of different words for this organ. Some may call it a penis, others may call it a dick, a cock, a pussyrod, a womonstick, a tumor, ballsack, scrotum, purse, a boy part, etc. Anything is ok.

Thanks! And please be as detailed as you like about yourself or partner, and the organs focused on.
I wasn't sure where else to ask this question.

My name is Jennie. I am a 38 y.o. part time TV. I am a 100% bottom gurl, and only have sex when dressed fully femme, and almost exclusively with Top men.

I have an opportunity to do some professional modeling (porn), which I
have never done before. One thing that I was asked for is a stage name, which I have no idea what to use. I've been exclusively using Jennie as my fem name, which is not my legal name. Should I use it as part of my model name?
Any suggestions?

Thank you,
i'm really happy that this group got started. i am a 26 year old bi crossdresser who genders female often. i am coming up on the 3 year anniversary of meeting my wonderfully supportive partner "redchickpoet" who has always encouraged me to be myself no matter what gender that is. it also helps that she is bi and has had a past relationship with a girl before.

we have always been very sexually compatible and although we have often switched and played with roles before a recent bedroom romp made history for us both.

typically when i present as femme it's almost like i'm "trying" to tap into that space instead of just letting it happen. sexually the only time i'm the girl is in the context of a shared fantasy or roleplay.

this last time we had taken a break and i was lying on my side with my male bits tucked teasing her with a classic "i'm just laying here for you" pose. after she came back from the bathroom and i was still in that position she suddenly changed (like the energy changed). she had me close my eyes and then she started making love to me as a girl. she caressed my breasts and then her hand went between my legs.

now obviously in the physical sense i wasn't actually feeling anything but in my mind (and no no drugs were involved!) i felt her and i began to respond.... so much that i had a mental orgasm. now again even though i didn't actually orgasm through my body.... later when we were having more traditional intercourse i couldn't finish just like what happens if i continue after i have orgasmed once already.

this is still tripping me out. i felt for the first time, completely female. i experienced the joy and deep intimate passion of woman-on-woman love. it was mind blowing. the really reassuring thing is that my gf told me that it felt the same to her as when she was with her ex-gf. wow.

any thoughts? have any of you experienced anything like this?
OK, this is fabulous.

Welcome everyone to this fabulous community. Membership is totally open but posts will be moderated, though I'm not foreseeing masses of posts being rejected by any means.

Remember to keep it sex positive and let's see how it goes!