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Trans Sex Talk

cuz trannies do "it" too!

Transgender Sex Talk
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This community is mainly for transpeople and those who have any kind of sex with transpeople to discuss issues related to transgender and sex.

Examples of of issues that may be discussed here are the effects of hormones on arousal and sexual organs, sexual practices with surgically modified genitals, sex involving dysphoria, and/or whatever emotions arise from sex involving transpeople.

This is not a pornographical community. Nude photos are not for here.

Also, we must recognize in this community what is real. It is real that some people have sex while high. If you want to write your story, please include drugs if it matters to you, but posts encouraging drug use and sex between adults and preteens or younger will not be accepted here. In fact, please don't post about sex you may have had with children or animals.

Anything else is fair game! We need a forum to exchange experiences, advice, and questions openly.