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i'm bigendered - both female and male - which, in a sense, i regard as being a gender in itself. Since i feel there are more than two genders, i identify as polysexual. But how does being bigendered affect the sexual orientation of people attracted to me, if at all? To give an example: if a woman who identifies as a dyke entered into a sexual and emotional relationship with me, do you feel it still makes sense for her to identify as a dyke?

What do people think?

[ Cross-posted to postqueer and my personal LJ. ]
i do not think so.
it does if that is how she continues to identify... your gender does not change how your partners identify, that is for them to say.
i agree with this. Your identity is your own. Her identity is her own.
no, i don't think so.

i have identified as queer for many years. my last relationship was with an FtM who ID's as a straight man ... i still felt queer.

my identity isn't dependant on who i am dating/fucking. only on who *i* am.
I would have to say that self-indentity trumps almost anything, so if she still considered herself to be a dyke, she's a dyke.